rings ripplin perfect circles

by Jeffrey Manson

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These north coast dreaming tracks, homemade by yrs truly on cassette 8 track up at the Wandering Attic, Space 868 and Willards shack Spring of 2010, tell true tales- are you here referenced? You may be...


released August 9, 2010




Jeffrey Manson Bolinas, California

If you are interested in booking a live performance of these songs, email mrjeffreymanson@gmail.com

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Track Name: cider day
we fill our jars as the season changes
we ring out stained brown pillow cases
squeeze Summer pulp through Winter's wooden grate
I saw your strong hands working on Cider Day

Traveling companion in a cracked teacup
Lil' freestyler what would your mother say?
Come shake a tree and make the apple drop
in a harvest horn on Cider Day
Coastal Bravery, I'm going to glean that phrase

This could be easy
as throwing a shadow on the wall
this could be easy
as humming a one note song
This could be easy
as a headland catching fog
This is easy as rings ripplin perfect circles
from a stone thrown in the pond

Took a sip from the olde juice jar
saw the orchard in my mind
watched the fruit drop and rot
saw you are a wind thats blowin all the time

This could be easy
as a bucket catching rain
this could be easy
dont move a muscle dont call its name
this could be easy
as throwing a shadow on a wall
this is easy as rings ripplin perfect circles
from a stone thrown in the pond la la la
Track Name: Late Season Wings
Its 'poor-plus with workable corners'
come blow west like trash down Judah street
F#m A E7 A
its gonna be us who must fly in formation
sometimes we all fall off the front of the vee

The tooth black grin of late-season wings
making trouble droppin feathers down on foggy avenues
F#m A E7 A
its gonna be us who must fly in the front now
see what we can doo to block the wind for you

F#m A
And its sweet its still sweet
we can still split the peak
F#m A
its sweet its still sweet
the white triangle of foam between us
F#m A
its sweet oh its still sweet
the patch is slowly peeling
F#m A
when we say whay we mean
its gonna be sweet

To my left stands the bachelorette
behind me stands the divorcee
its gonna be us who must
stand flanked by transition
"New" is what they're calling this Age
New new new new new new
Track Name: golden crowned sparrow
Weary Willie was whistlin "o dear me
wintertime is coming and I'm blowin steam out of my beak"

whats a bird to do dear boys, Alaska gets so cold
peak bugs fly south lay low till the spring when we
Paint our black crowns gold dear boys
we're gonna paint our black crowns gold

all around th ebreeding ground Willie's blowin the same three notes
Eggs all hatched now we're sittin round shiverin guess its time to hit the road

Whats a bird to do dear boys?
there's a place where we can go...
the weathers fine and the women are kind they're gonna
paint our black crowns gold dear boys!
they'll pain our Black Crowns GOLD!

Lil Sparrow welcome back to California
its always GREEN
I dont know just what they've told ya
but I'm here to break it to ya
Down South not all just
"peaches and cream"

They say it never rains
down in California
but all though the weather's fine
there's hawks on powerlines
crowds in giant cars
cats prowlin 'round the yards
you know its always crowdd where the weathers always fine
but lil golden crown, come on down
and have yerself a good good time...
Track Name: the armored coast
my my favorite breaks been
pounding on revetments slo-mo shattering the rip-rap
out in front of your coastal estate
so we glide upon the power that's been chippin' away at your kingdom
a lil' bit
everyday my tribe mixes the grain and the grape
with thistles in our headstock
driving down the values
every fancy move that we make
crumblin the Empire with
every lil wave that rolls and breaks

Here on the Armored coast
tiny little droplet rolls
into the smallest of cracks
and it dries and disappears and wont look back

no no no no!

One day it started to rain
and the rain fell day and night into weeks and centuries that slowly drained
into basins that dried waited around till one day come to be that big blue thing we call the sea and from that sea we all came around and inside of you and me there pumps a salty memory that's bigger than our tribe our nation our race and our town, pulled on by the moon so I'm afraid that your investment inst sound
Track Name: see you in the gyre
when nothing is sacred and its getting crowded
go get strange, go and soak your peacoat in the rain
when your delicate web has been swatted
go head West with a lost cat and a shiner
Land o Bramble, Land o Spider
Dont fret

Water finds the way, the herd finds the stray
everything we misplace we will come across one day
like smoke risin easy from the fire
I'll see you in the Gyre

All of my friends, now cut loose to drift again
out on the crowded sea, all our mouths choking on debris
come and find me I'm gonna be out where

water finds the way, the herd finds the stray
everything we throw away comes floating back today
but all my poor heart might desire
is to see you in the Gyre

Water finds a way, to the funny world we made
breaks up smaller everyday but it never goes away
Smoke rises easy from the fire
see you in the gyre...