dozing in the abandoned gunnery

by Jeffrey Manson

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recorded on tascam 4-track in the foggy Sunset Mollusk Turret and Daddy Daycare's on Fairbanks with the olde harpischord


released February 24, 2006




Jeffrey Manson Bolinas, California

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Track Name: commanding eye
Late at night! With a bottle of Wine!
Aint it funny?
We can look over the City with a commanding eye

Boldy going Nowhere but the fuel we're burning is free
Burning wind and salt and muscle
burning gravity
Track Name: the lock hangs heavy
like a big black bird from a scarecrow
I will fly from fortune and fame
through the autumn and the wilt and our trailer's yellow glow while

the lock hangs heavy on the chain

i'll turn motion into heat into light into food
its my favorite thing to do
scrapin the mud right off my boots its my favorite thing to do

meanwhile the
lock hangs heavy on the chain
if you shout at us we've all just flap away
into the dry and tangled brush of the day
and when I roll over in the morning I will clear my throat and say like a Bird Black Bird from a scarecrow
I fly away.
Track Name: zero nose rocker
places wide and paved and human
but is we hit em at the right time
with wide wheels loose trucks slippery bearings
its a world we build but we can glide
we can glide on top of it!

with zero nose rocker and plenty of kick in the tail
lets all lets all make this all a little bit more casual
Track Name: cat whistle
Bm C# D A
Its not the knife it is the way she sharpens it
D A G F#7
it is not the road but the way she rides
Bm C# D A
people join spokes together in a wheel
D A G F#7
but the empty space at the center thats what makes
thats what makes the wagon drive
A D C Bm
my friend my friend she lives in a solarium
my friend my friend a village on an island

A F#m A F#m

Bm C# D A
Lets make like spokes now let us join hands
D A G F#7
and wheel around the room if you want we can
if you want to we can

my friend my friend
its later now than its ever been
my friend her friends a shadow out at night and prowling

A F#m A
Alistair! Come Home! C'mon & Come Home Alister!
Track Name: corn husk head
cave wave people are Real!
they found us sleeping in a field!
3 full grown me in the breeze
building pebble tower cities

and it was alright but I had two black holes for eyes
and a cornhusk head on a sober night
and an arm of steel and a trail of slime
dont ask me what to draw no more
dont ask me how to feel
you already know you can shred cause you know now that